Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Hair loss and thinning of the hair could be very embarrassing especially when you are too young to have a bald spot! Women in particular need to use a hair care product that will keep their hair stronger and healthier to prevent the effects of premature hair loss especially if it runs in the family. Males also have to worry about male pattern baldness which could leave them bald even before reaching the ripe age of 30! So without further ado, here are some ways to use the most popular natural treatment for hair loss: coconut oil.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth is one of the most popular natural remedies for hair loss as well as hair problems like dryness of the hair and scalp, flaking scalp, dandruff, lice and so many more. It is trusted by so many users and has been passed on for generations as an effective treatment since it is practical to use and there are no side effects to its use. You can use coconut oil for hair loss using the following techniques.

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  1. Use coconut oil as a hair spa treatment. Simply place warm coconut oil over your hair and scalp and allow to remain for about an hour. The natural properties of coconut oil to strengthen and stimulate scalp will make hair grow longer and stronger than ever. Place a shower cap over your head to increase the effects of this natural oil. After the specified time, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and then rinse. Repeat this treatment twice a week to effectively grow new and stronger hair.
  2. Use coconut oil for hair loss as a massage treatment. This time, use warm oil and place it on your palms. Apply on the area of your head that is thinning or balding using small circular strokes. Use your index fingers to massage the oil over the area and continue massaging excess oil over all the areas of the scalp. Massage combined with warm oil stimulates blood flow to the area so that nutrients will reach the scalp for hair growth. Allow oil to remain on scalp for about an hour and then rinse. Make this a weekly or twice a week habit to grow more hair.
  3. Place coconut oil in your favorite shampoo or conditioner and use every day. Shake your shampoo bottle to thoroughly mix coconut oil with your shampoo product. As you shampoo, massage the product on your scalp and pay attention to the thinning and balding areas of your head. Allow the shampoo to remain on your hair as you continue to take a bath. Finish off with a conditioner fortified with coconut oil as well.
  4. By taking VCO or virgin coconut oil you will get the natural goodness of coconut oil every day. There are VCO pills and drinks that you may use or you may also add coconut oil to your dishes. Place it in salads, soups and meals to make your dish extra tasty and good for your hair.

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