Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Hair loss and thinning of the hair could be very embarrassing especially when you are too young to have a bald spot! Women in particular need to use a hair care product that will keep their hair stronger and healthier to prevent the effects of premature hair loss especially if it runs in the family. Males also have to worry about male pattern baldness which could leave them bald even before reaching the ripe age of 30! So without further ado, here are some ways to use the most popular natural treatment for hair loss: coconut oil.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth is one of the most popular natural remedies for hair loss as well as hair problems like dryness of the hair and scalp, flaking scalp, dandruff, lice and so many more. It is trusted by so many users and has been passed on for generations as an effective treatment since it is practical to use and there are no side effects to its use. You can use coconut oil for hair loss using the following techniques.

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  1. Use coconut oil as a hair spa treatment. Simply place warm coconut oil over your hair and scalp and allow to remain for about an hour. The natural properties of coconut oil to strengthen and stimulate scalp will make hair grow longer and stronger than ever. Place a shower cap over your head to increase the effects of this natural oil. After the specified time, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and then rinse. Repeat this treatment twice a week to effectively grow new and stronger hair.
  2. Use coconut oil for hair loss as a massage treatment. This time, use warm oil and place it on your palms. Apply on the area of your head that is thinning or balding using small circular strokes. Use your index fingers to massage the oil over the area and continue massaging excess oil over all the areas of the scalp. Massage combined with warm oil stimulates blood flow to the area so that nutrients will reach the scalp for hair growth. Allow oil to remain on scalp for about an hour and then rinse. Make this a weekly or twice a week habit to grow more hair.
  3. Place coconut oil in your favorite shampoo or conditioner and use every day. Shake your shampoo bottle to thoroughly mix coconut oil with your shampoo product. As you shampoo, massage the product on your scalp and pay attention to the thinning and balding areas of your head. Allow the shampoo to remain on your hair as you continue to take a bath. Finish off with a conditioner fortified with coconut oil as well.
  4. By taking VCO or virgin coconut oil you will get the natural goodness of coconut oil every day. There are VCO pills and drinks that you may use or you may also add coconut oil to your dishes. Place it in salads, soups and meals to make your dish extra tasty and good for your hair.

Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut Oil for Hair – A Healthy Ingredient

If you go through the fine print behind you shampoo and conditioner, you will find that coconut oil is mentioned in the list of ingredients. This is because it is laced with a number of nutrients which not only make your hair strong but also prevent the strands from breaking from the roots. The best part is that coconut oil for hair will also keep it from getting gray before its time which means that you will walk around with a head full of thick shiny hair even when you’re 65!

Coconut Oil for Hair and Lauric Acid

Lauric acid is one such component that contributes towards the popularity of this particular oil as it has the ability to push through the surface of each strand and seep into the shaft. This way, it nourishes the hair from the inside out and since it is 100% natural, it doesn’t come attached with any harmful side-effects whatsoever! Coconut oil for hair is also recommended for those with damaged hair due to the same reason.

Coconut Oil for Hair and Vitamin E

The Vitamin E in the oil will spread across your scalp and replenish the missing nutrients but at the same time, keep the roots healthy as well. Thankfully, the oil has a refreshing smell so you don’t have to worry about repulsing people every time you step out of your house.

Rescue Your Hair with Coconut Oil

Shockingly, most people, especially women, can’t even tell when their hair needs some TLC so if you fall under this category, keep reading.

If You Have Dry Hair

If you have split ends or if the ends of your hair are always dry, you need to take action, pronto and yes, coconut oil will come to your rescue! You may be in this situation because the shampoo that you use doesn’t contain coconut oil or that it is primarily soap-based. If that is that case, you can either apply coconut oil for hair before you sleep and wash it off first thing in the morning or you can mix your shampoo with the oil every time you wash your hair. Alternatively, you can also apply it onto your scalp before you wash your hair.

Coconut Oil Will Help Solve Your Dandruff Problem

Chances are that if your hair is dry, your scalp will be too and you know what that means, right? You probably have dandruff. Now don’t make a face, it is nothing to be ashamed of because as long as you have coconut oil within easy access, this problem will be done away with as well!

In this case, it is recommended that you have somebody massage the oil onto your scalp every alternate day of the week and if you are careful about sticking to this routine, this natural oil will keep your scalp from flaking and yearning for natural oils. If the oil is hot, nothing like it!

You will find yourself looking forward to your ‘Coconut Oil Massage Days’ and your hair will thank you!


What is Coconut Oil?

When copra usually known as dry kernel is crushed through dry or wet process, the extract that is produced is called coconut oil. Studies have proved that the dry kernel contains almost 60-65% of oil. Coconut oil contains a saturated fatty acid which is healthy as compared to other trans fat. It has an aroma, flavour, versatility. Consumption of coconut oil provides vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other health benefits.

Two methods of Coconut Oil extraction

The two methods of extracting coconut are discussed briefly:

Dry process of extraction: Here, the meat or the kernel is extracted from the coconut shell by drying them using fire or kilns or with the help of sunlight. Once they get dried up, what we receive is copra. This copra is then dissolved with solvents for producing oil and a high fibre or protein mash. As the mash is of poor quality and proteins cannot be extracted from the mash, therefore, they are fed to ruminants rather than keeping it for human consumption.

Wet process of extraction: Here, the coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut shell not by drying method but with the help of coconut milk. The coconut milk can be made with the help of a food processor or a mixer. Once the milk is extracted, either of the following methods is used to separate the oil and the water. The methods are:

  • Fermentation
  • Refrigeration
  • Boiling
  • Mechanical centrifuge, or
  • Enzymes

By this process, we get fresh, scented and tasty coconut oil which humans can consume. The coconut oil contains high amount of lauric acid that helps to increase the immune system of human beings and also fight bacteria, virus, and other diseases.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a “tropical trooper” as it has been consumed by the people in tropical countries for thousands of years. Coconut oil is sweet in taste and studies prove that it contains a high percentage of saturated fatty acid and the natives who have been consuming this for thousands of years have good health.

Coconut oil is not only useful for human beings. There are a plethora of other benefits of coconut oil. Some of the benefits of coconut oil are as under:

  1. Coconut oil has a number of health benefits. Coconut oil improves and strengthens our immune system, helps us to fight diseases, bacteria, fungus and virus. It also improves our body metabolism. Coconut oil is good for the heart- the lauric acid controls the cholesterol level and blood pressure. When we consume coconut oil, we get fewer injuries and there is less damage to the bones. Coconut oil is also useful for weight loss. It improves our digestive system and has an anti stress component. The saturated fatty acid prevents us from liver problems as they get converted into energy on reaching the liver, hence, prevents the liver from accumulating fat and also reducing the work load of the liver. Other health benefits of coconut oil is that it prevents kidney problems and also useful for dissolving stones. Coconut oil also helps in treating diabetes, pancreatitis, Alzheimer’s diseases, cancer, HIV. It also prevents from decaying tooth and makes teeth strong. It also kills the bacteria that are caused due to throat infections, pneumonia, measles, influenza and ulcers. Coconut oil is rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium that makes are our bones stronger.
  1. Coconut oil is also useful for the skin. It acts as a good moisturizer delivering a soothing, refreshing, and healing effect to our skin. The oil penetrates into our skin and makes it beautiful.
  1. Coconut oil can be used as a replacement of high calorie coffee creamers such as sugar and milk. A small amount of coconut oil can be stirred well into the coffee giving a sweet and healthy touch.
  1. Coconut oil can give a good soothing effect when beaten by flies. The oil can be used on humans as well as pets such as dogs or horses, etc.
  1. Coconut oil is good for dogs as well. A small dab of coconut oil can be applied to their rough, dry, cracked and tight paws making them soft and smooth. Coconut oil can also be applied on their body to give it a glossy effect and acts as anti fungal and anti bacterial. It can also be to sooth their dry nose and clean their ears.
  1. Coconut oil is very good for our hair as well. It helps to prevent lies, thickens the hair and also makes it strong. It is a good conditioner for hair. There are also shampoos that contain coconut oil which is good for the hair.
  1. Coconut oil is good for the skin and can be used for removing eye as well as face make-ups. It can also be used to massage your body as it moisturizes the skin and makes is soft and beautiful.
  1. Coconut oil can also be used to polish the leather items at home and can also be used to polish wooden items giving it a healthy, natural shine.
  1. Other benefits of coconut oil are- it can be used as a replacement of butter. It can be also used in cooking as a replacement of oil. Coconut oil can also be used as in baking cakes, brownies, cookies etc. The oil gives flavour to savoury dishes and the cooking looks fresh and is rich in moisture.
  1. Other benefits of coconut oil are- it can be used for removing chewing gums, is a good conditioner for the chopping board, use as a lubricant for small motor such as mixer or blender, etc.

Coconut Oil for Hair

When we can ask an expert, which hair should we use for our hair? The answer we get is coconut oil. Studies have even proved that coconut oil is the highly recommended and mostly preferred oil for hair. The component in coconut oil keeps the hair strong, protected, nourished, and prevents from hair loss and hair damage.

Benefits of using Coconut Oil on Hair

There are remarkable benefits of using coconut oil for hair. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Coconut oil contains moisture retaining capacity therefore when we apply coconut oil in our hair; it keeps the hair soft and moist and prevents the hair from breaking.
  1. As we know that coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, when we apply coconut oil to our hair to acts as a protein for the hair and can penetrate inside the hair shaft. Hence, preventing the hair from breaking.
  1. Coconut oil has a cooling and soothing effect therefore people who suffer from hot heads and scalp sweating can apply coconut oil on their hair and scalp.
  1. To improve the health of your hair and also prevent it from further loss, coconut oil can be used. The oil can be mixed with other items such as lime water or gooseberries to give better effects.
  1. For a strong and healthy hair, condition your hair with warm coconut oil at night and wash hair in the morning. Coconut oil helps to fight split ends in hair and is also beneficial for grey hair and baldness.
  1. There are a number of chemical products available in the market for treating lice in your hair. These products damage the scalp and make the hair rough. Therefore, using coconut oil on wet hair helps to remove lice from the hair and stops you from getting embarrassed.
  1. Coconut oil helps us to get rid of dandruff in hair. Though there are a number of anti dandruff products available in the market, applying a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil and lukewarm water can help in treating dandruff and is the best anti dandruff agent.
  1. We hesitate to use toning and conditioning products available in the market, because we fear of poor quality hair and also hair damage. We need not worry now as warm coconut oil can as a good hair toning agent and also can be used as a conditioner for our hair.
  1. Coconut oil is an excellent agent for styling hair. It acts as a hair styling cream or gel thus keeps the hair healthy and beautiful.
  1. There are a variety of shampoos available in the market either for hair fall control or spilt end control or damage control. But there are a number of shampoos available with coconut oil. These give marvellous effect to the hair- nourishes, moisturizes and gives shine to the hair. It also makes the hair smooth, strong and beautiful to look at.

How to use Coconut Oil on Hair?

Coconut oil is a natural way of keeping the hair healthy, strong and smooth. There are a number of ways in which we can apply coconut oil on the hair.

The first method is to directly apply coconut oil on our hair and let it soak for few hours before having a wash.

The second method of applying coconut oil is to warm the oil either in our microwave oven or on the stove or rubbing your palms and then applying gently and massaging the hair and scalp. Then cover the hair overnight or for more than two hours before washing.

The other method of applying coconut oil is mixing and heating the oil with other hair control ingredients and then applying with cotton balls on the hair scalp. Then massage the hair and wash after two hours or next morning.

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Coconut Oil For Dieting

Which Diet Plan is Right for You

There are so many diets out there that it becomes difficult to separate the good eggs from the bad ones and what ultimately happens is that we end

up trying all of them, getting sick of not being able to eat what we want and giving up altogether. Naturally, the weight that you lose during this time period will come back and settle on the surface of your body, making you feel miserable and uncomfortable.

That said, of course there are certain diets out there that actually work but because they focus on one particular group of nutrients, say, proteins, the results are never long-term. This is because your body needs equal amounts of carbohydrates and fats along with protein- you can’t pick one out of the three and expect to lose weight and keep it off at the same time.

Coconut Oil For Dieting – Your Diet Plan

What every weight watcher should do is eat regular home-cooked meals but switch their cooking oil to coconut oil for dieting.

Using coconut oil for dieting is the best way to lose weight because it burns the fat content in the food that you eat, almost immediately. This way, the fat doesn’t wander about in your body, doesn’t get absorbed by the blood stream and hence, you don’t put on weight. Another benefit of using coconut oil for dieting is that it zeroes in on the metabolic rate in your body and speeds it up gradually so you end up burning more calories and fat. Coconut oil for dieting also boosts energy levels which means that you will be able to do much more in a day! Doesn’t a coconut oil for dieting plan sound great?

Coconut oil for dieting is particularly recommended for those who have high cholesterol. This problem crops up because there is too much fat in the blood stream but as has already been mentioned, coconut oil will literally melt the fat and you will be able to kiss your cholesterol problem goodbye in no time!

If that wasn’t enough, coconut oil is laced with something known as Omega 3 fatty acids which are known to not only make the mind sharper, but also keep the body fit. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can gorge on fried food cooked in coconut oil and still expect to lose weight- you have to eat right and exercise on a regular basis for the coconut oil for dieting plan to work.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite dishes and since most diets focus on the fact that you can’t lose weight without some sacrifice, coconut oil for dieting becomes all the more appealing! As has already been mentioned, you can eat what you want using coconut oil for dieting but in moderation and since most of us have a little common sense, we already know what to eat and what to avoid.

So, if you plan out a well-balanced diet for yourself and make coconut oil a big part of your meals, you will not only lose weight but also have perfect skin and hair!

Coconut Oil For Acne – Points To Remember

Have you tried everything in the market to get rid of your acne but nothing works? Are you sick and tired of reading up on remedies on the internet and seeing absolutely no difference when you look in the mirror? If yes, you have come to the right place because we are going to introduce you to a treatment that is not only cheap but also 100% effective!

But before we get to that, you need to understand how acne develops in the first place. The pores on your skin get clogged due to excessive oil, dirt or grime and if you don’t exfoliate on time, the dirt settles in and that’s when zits appear. People with extremely oily skin are more like to get acne when compared to those with normal or dry skin. Fact is that a majority of the products in the market that are meant for oily skin are unable to tackle the problem. This is because the ingredients aren’t strong or potent enough to reach below the surface of the skin. So what do you do?

One important point to keep in mind is that every treatment takes time and during that duration, you may get the urge to pop your zits, poke them or scratch them but try to restrain from touching your face at all, unless of course you want the acne to get worse.

Coconut Oil for Acne – Helps to Solve Your Acne Problems

Coconut oil for acne removes impurities from the surface of the skin

Coming back to the point, coconut oil for acne is one of the best options out there. All you need to do is apply the oil onto the area on a regular basis and you are sure to see results within a few weeks. Coconut oil for acne is effective because the oil not only removes the impurities from the surface of the skin, but also pushes them out from the pores. Naturally, if you use the oil on a regular basis, the inflammation will go down and soon enough, your skin will clear up.

Coconut oil for acne removes the problem from the root

The best part about coconut oil for acne is that it removes the problem from the root which basically means that it will never bother you again, as long as you do it right the first time around! Since coconut oil also has moisturizing properties, it will also keep your skin from completely drying out and hence, keep additional problems at bay.

Coconut oil for acne maintains a balance between dry skin and oily shin

So, in a nutshell, coconut oil will strike a balance by making sure that your skin neither gets too dry, nor too oily. It is recommended that you apply it using a cotton ball or a soft cloth because using your hands may add to the problem.

Application of coconut oil for acne should be applied during the day

Last but not the least, make sure that you apply the coconut oil onto the affected area during the day when you’re inside the house. Some websites may tell you to dab coconut oil on before you go to sleep but use your common sense- what if you roll over to your stomach and coconut oil rubs off on the pillow?
Best of luck using coconut oil for acne!